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Emerald Abstract Roar

Emerald Abstract Roar

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Supplier code: L-001188

Dive into the dynamism of our exclusive jacket lining perfectly inspired by Abstract Expressionism. Its unique design depicting a harmonious symphony of lions and birds will surely captivate your aesthetic senses. Rendered in a vibrant play of striking colors namely Dark Slate Gray, Silver, Cadet Blue, Dark Slate Blue, and Light Slate Gray, it creates an interesting visual narrative that is just as expressive as it is entrancing.

The core palette revolves around cool hues of blues and greys, with a bold Dark Slate Blue forming the backbone of the design. Contrast is introduced with flashes of Silver, creating rich layers of depth while the mellow undertones of Cadet Blue soften the overall artistic portrayal.

The lions and birds beautifully intertwine in a visual dance depicting strength and majesty, yet radiating unspoken elegance and grace. This enchanting jacket lining not only brings character to your custom-made jacket, but also unfolds a compelling story with each unique element it holds.

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