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Distinctive Linings

Ephemeral Silver Butterfly

Ephemeral Silver Butterfly

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Supplier code: L-001294

Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of this jacket lining which is akin to a vivid blend of nighttime hues. As if painted by the delicate hand of an impressionist, the design cascades elements of ephemeral dewdrops and liquid butterflies, unique as if nature itself has lent a helping hand in its creation.

An array of color harmoniously sing through, an elegant dance between a graceful silver, profound darkslategray, earthy peru, a tender darksalmon, and a striking firebrick. The result is a dream-like piece, sure to be the defining interior of your custom jacket. Attention to details is key and each piece in this design narrates a story, promising a visual feast wrapped in style and sophistication.

This high-class piece relies on first-rate design principles, marrying a variety of colors and elements to create an enviable blend of surrealness and grace. Layer it inside your made-to-measure jacket, and let the artwork unveil its beauty over time, transforming a simple garment into a portable gallery.

internal sku: 34b3a433-1e3e-4196-9f86-dae7a5c51b7a

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