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Distinctive Linings

Ethereal Earth Tranquility

Ethereal Earth Tranquility

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Supplier code: L-001318

Immerse yourself in the essence of serenity and sophistication with our deluxe jacket lining. This breath-taking piece showcases an ethereal glow, reminiscent of the tranquil earth beneath our feet, artistically rendered in mesmerizing turquoise and tasteful beige. Emanating an aura of quiet elegance, the color palette harmoniously blends light gray and dark slate gray with hues of peru, dark khaki, and saddle brown, creating a captivating visual experience. In this sensational design, perfect for a tailor-made jacket, you can truly embody the suave confluence of style and character, subtly expressing your unique individuality.

internal sku: 34dd3227-21e0-4d65-930e-2dbadc72cec1

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