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Distinctive Linings

Exotic Symbolism Ensemble

Exotic Symbolism Ensemble

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Supplier code: L-001265

Immerse yourself in a palette of resplendent colors. Draped across the lining of your custom-made jacket, intricate symbols of exotic wildlife coil and unfurl. Hand-crafted aesthetics in wheat, dimgray, black, darkslategray and skyblue create a serene fusion of color and symbolism. The emerald shades of jade green set against a crisp white background dispense a harmonious blend of romantism with a touch of the untamed. A statement steeped in sophistication, this lining expresses an appreciation of nature's mysteries expressed in an exquisite, abstract design. Eliciting symbolic whispers of the world's most captivating wild creatures, this lining is a visual symphony, with each stroke of color adding to the grandeur. This select piece strikes a balance between art and fashion, inviting a second glance, and is sure to portray the refined tastes of its wearer.

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