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Distinctive Linings

Exquisite Antiquities Revival

Exquisite Antiquities Revival

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Supplier code: L-001079

Experience the unique blend of traditional nuance intertwined with modern street art styles in this jacket lining. A particularly distinctive display met with shades of lilac and dark violet herewith.

Immerse yourself in the visual adventure and immerse yourself in the complexity of this design. The cool midnight blue, gentle pale violet red, playful slate blue, deep dark purple, along with a sophisticated touch of gray, all add to the creation's eccentric charm.

Every glance is sure to uncover a new layer of sophistication in this bespoke jacket lining. The design offers the allure of the exotic with dabs of vivid colors that will cater to those wishing to express individuality, and reflect a vibrant personality.

It's a wholly original, visually inspiring lining waiting to become a part of your stylish wardrobe enduringly. A Made to Measure and Custom jacket lining that will certainly appeal to those who love the flamboyance and audacity of street art.

internal sku: 09603ac1-b699-474d-8e1d-a0bda95b986c

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