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Fantastical Beasts Conceptual

Fantastical Beasts Conceptual

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Supplier code: L-001222

Experience the rich palette of a jacket lining like no other; the Fantastical Beasts Conceptual Art lining sets new standards for unique fashion statement. Grace your wardrobe with a design that transports you to a world of creativity and luxury.

Featuring an intriguing amalgam of 'darkslategray', ‘lightgray’, ‘mediumseagreen’, ‘darkseagreen’, and ‘cadetblue’, this lining embodies the essence of the conceptual art; whereby each color plays a significant role in weaving a story of fantastical beasts, challenging your sense of reality. This transcendental allegory comes to life courtesy of a masterful blend of dark and light hues.

Drenched in jade green and white, the design celebrates the breathtaking charm of the natural world. The surprise element of the ‘mediumseagreen’ exudes an air of mystery, peppered with cool nuances of 'darkseagreen' and contrasted against a backdrop of ‘cadetblue’. The fusion of 'darkslategray' and 'lightgray' lends a subtle depth to the design, enriching the visual journey of this imaginative and elegant lining.

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