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Distinctive Linings

Fantastical Beasts Modernism

Fantastical Beasts Modernism

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Supplier code: L-001154

Set your sartorial statement in motion with this captivating jacket lining, inspired by the spirit of modernism art. Its intricate design features stark silhouettes of fantastical beasts cast against the harmonious palette of wheat, darkslategray, and gray, punctuated with surprising pops of darkseagreen and lightslategray. Allow your creative personality to shine through with our custom, made-to-measure tailored jackets, encapsulating your unique individuality. With this lining, every wear turns into a sophisticated style event. Turn heads and make a grand entrance each time you don this masterpiece, a design enriched by tastefully muted colors and a touch of whimsical magic. Bold, brave, and totally breathtaking, this lining design is not for the faint of heart. In the world of sartorial elegance where style and comfort harmonize, this exquisite lining takes center stage. A crucial yet unseen element of your ensemble, it truly highlights your distinctivess with its layered depths of detail. [B]
Color Composition:
[/B] - Main Theme - Wheat - Accent 1 - Darkslategray - Accent 2 - Gray - Highlight 1 - Darkseagreen - Highlight 2 - Lightslategray

internal sku: 9b9244bc-ce95-4ac8-8b19-a834f5c36082

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