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Distinctive Linings

Feathered Equestrian Skyline

Feathered Equestrian Skyline

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Supplier code: L-001241

Experience the epitome of high style with this inimitably tailored jacket lining. Drawing inspiration from an imagery reminiscent of a world where humans can communicate with ethereal creatures, this lining showcases an elegantly designed horse brushed with feathers. It is an indulgence in a rich tapestry of hues - an exotic blend of light coral, dark slate gray, skyblue, dimgray, and cadetblue. With an underpinning design philosophy that embraces uniqueness and individuality, this lining promises an avant-garde, metaphorical conversation between man and beast. It brings an innovative breath of aesthetic character to your every ensemble. The gentle fusion of dark slate gray and dim gray with the cool tones of cadet blue and sky blue results in artistic harmony, while the unexpected pop of light coral brings out a striking yet sophisticated disparity. This tailored jacket lining, a testament to one's sartorial flair, yields a distinct fashion statement. This is an exclusive piece designed with the discerning customer in mind, adding an extra layer of personalized style to your made-to-measure jacket. Explore a remarkable blend of fantasy, art and individuality to underscore your unique fashion narrative.

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