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Distinctive Linings

Feathered Shadows Noir

Feathered Shadows Noir

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Supplier code: L-001414

Experience the harmonious blend of colors in this unique and exclusive jacket lining. Delicate dimgray hues serve as the base, intertwined with a striking pop of darksalmon providing a sophisticated blend of unassuming elegance and bold style. Simultaneously, whispers of darkseagreen lend a cool, calming undertone to the ensemble, floating effortlessly amongst the darker shades. Darker notes of black and lightslategray seep through the feather pattern, evoking an aura of mystery and refined sophistication. This stunning palette creates a mesmerizing visual narrative that enhances the overall allure of the made-to-measure jacket. Truly, this lining transcends the norms of style, expressing a visual enchantment that speaks of unique personality and endless charisma. Embrace this bespoke experience for an outfit that resonates with your unmatched aura.

internal sku: 8b663997-4cdc-4de6-a1b2-69e91f0e5cad

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