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Distinctive Linings

Floral Harmony Elegance

Floral Harmony Elegance

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Supplier code: L-001390

Drape yourself in the beauty and sophistication with this jacket lining that exudes a distinguished charm. Adorned with a seamless floral pattern, this lining brings forth an understated flair. The earthy burlywood backdrop allows the blossoms done in hues of darkslategray, dimgray, darkseagreen, and cadetblue to vividly stand out. The ensemble creates a harmonious blend, meant for those who appreciate the elegance of nature-inspired designs. Perfectly suited for tailored, custom jackets that aspire to make a discreet yet distinct style statement.

internal sku: 4d5b6682-cadd-46a6-a388-8aaa2a6780be

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