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Distinctive Linings

Floral Sky Spectrum

Floral Sky Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001435

Let your style bloom with our exquisitely designed jacket lining featuring a spring sea of flowers. Mirroring the enchanting beauty of nature's awakening, its hues mimic a dreamy sunrise over a serene sea. Patches of steelblue harmonize with glimmers of thistle, while playful strokes of darkgray add depth.

A sense of advanced color pops through with bright bursts of skyblue amidst the solemn whispers of darkslategray. This palette, a careful blend of light and dark, creates an intricate dance of colors that echoes the aesthetics of a blossoming floral meadow under the enchanting blue sky.

Suitable for a tailored-to-fit jacket, this lining connects you to the mood of spring, making it an indulgence for those who value expressive style and uniqueness.

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