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Distinctive Linings

Fluxus Anime Azure

Fluxus Anime Azure

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Supplier code: L-001228

Experience the exclusivity of this unique jacket lining that draws its inspiration from the captivating world of Anime and the eclectic Fluxus art movement. This one-of-a-kind design blends hues of darkslategray and burlywood in an enchanting desert landscape.

The emboldening touch of saddlebrown and playful highlights of lightslategray dance across the canvas, creating an image that captivates and intrigues with every glance. It's not just a lining; it's a statement of style.

Adding a subtle spark, the light gold and dark azure intricate elements encompass the trim, culminating in a design that is as striking as it is sophisticated. A final splash of steelblue adds a contemporary edge to this high-end jacket lining, catering perfectly to the sartorially savvy individual who cherishes originality and exclusivity.

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