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Distinctive Linings

Folklore Informel Radiance

Folklore Informel Radiance

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Supplier code: L-001288

Take a journey through the world of the unusual with this exceptional jacket lining design. Rich with inspiration from folklore and the famed Art Informel movement, this lining brings an outlandish flavor to the realm of custom-made jackets.

Every inch of this unique motif dances with a vibrant medley of colors. The main tone is a bold blend of cherry red, somewhere between firebrick and dark salmon. It sings in harmonious blend with strokes of a stoic dark slate gray, forming a dynamic visual contrast.

This incredible color story is softened with brush strokes of antique white, adding a touch of classic elegance to the overall design. Punctuated with shades of warm Indian red, the lining tells a rich and vibrant tale that's sure to make your custom jacket a statement piece.

This jacket lining whispers tales of folklore, manifesting as a personal tapestry of bold colors and modern art. Uncover the magic of unexpected aesthetics with this design and create a jacket that truly expresses your individuality.

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