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Galactic Gothic Noir

Galactic Gothic Noir

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Supplier code: L-001430

Experience the galactic elegance of this exclusive jacket lining, which echoes the aesthetic charm of the Charles Addams style. The dramatic design takes the Star Wars theme to the next level by putting an interestingly fresh spin on the iconic Death Star model. The visually striking universe unfolds in a montage of colors. Towering over the space narrative is the intriguing color black - delivering a stark contrast to the other hues used. Next, we have the earthy tones of sienna and peru. These muted shades give a bold nod to the natural textures, subtly adding a refreshing contrast to the overall dark canvas. Lastly, touches of gray have been intricately used to provide a sense of depth to the design, thus bringing an additional layer of sophistication. This lining is destined for the discerning individual, seeking a unique, custom-made jacket that echoes cinematic prowess in the most refined sense.

internal sku: 7ead8b3f-8833-4201-9e55-28fbe8d30be4

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