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Distinctive Linings

Galactic Graffiti Ensemble

Galactic Graffiti Ensemble

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Supplier code: L-001040

Dive into an oasis of innovation, with this flamboyant jacket lining inspired by the mesmerizing depth of the cosmos and the audacious rebellion of graffiti art. This exclusive lining portrays a master blend of colors, mirroring a mystifying cosmos of energy and enigma. Featuring a canvas painted with tones of robust peru, deep black, shimmery silver, earthy saddlebrown, and timeless tan, the design is akin to a vibrant fusion of faraway galaxies on night's canvas. The burnt orange touches spiral into an artistic representation of distant stars, ignited with untold tales. An eccentric blend of graffiti artistry graces this extraordinary pattern, giving the jacket a distinct identity awash with dynamism. Elevate your customization experience with this unique lining that invigorates confidence and individuality. Bold, expressive and otherworldly, this intricate piece of craft creates a spectacular universe within your very own, tailored jacket.

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