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Galactic Objectivity Ensemble

Galactic Objectivity Ensemble

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Supplier code: L-001309

Experience the allure of outer-space and science fiction within the comfort of your everyday attire with this exclusive lining choice. Our pattern draws inspiration from new objectivity style, showcasing popular elements of galactic lore. The dominant tones of burlywood and black intertwine intricately, giving the lining a unique edge, perfectly suited for the adventurous yet classy individuals. This unique ensemble harmoniously juxtaposes depictions of legendary space voyagers and celestial bodies situated against a dark, vast expanse. This interaction further elevates the scene with dark olive green highlights and a hint of gray, paralleling the intense and unpredictable nature of cosmic voyages. Revel in the mysterious and embrace the unknown with this lining that seamlessly integrates cinematic magic and fashion. The sheer detail of this carefully crafted design will ensure your custom-made jacket stands out in an understated, yet strikingly sophisticated manner. Make your attire a conversation starter, encompassing a realm far, far away, with this captivating jacket lining.

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