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Geometric Crow's Ruby

Geometric Crow's Ruby

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Supplier code: L-001278

Immerse yourself in striking splendor with this custom jacket lining, a visual feast of geometric mastery. The dominant colors of this lavish lining are a mix of deep black, subtle brown, warm burlywood, and muted shades of gray. The juxtaposition of these colors creates a striking balance, setting a firm foundation for the geometric motifs that permeate the design.

Like a tapestry woven with threads of ruby red and pale gold, the geometric shapes form an intricately layered matrix of patterns. Ravens—a symbol of mystery and intellect—add an extra layer of intrigue, creatively integrated within the geometric shapes. Recalling the time-honored symbolism of the crow and the vibrant colors of precious gems, the design is sure to turn heads and spark conversation.

This lining is not just a design, but an artistry—a glimpse of the artist's soul encapsulated within a jacket. The geometric print, reminiscent of avant-garde fashion, offers an exclusive touch to the wearer. Make a statement with this hypnotizing jacket lining—perfect for those who are drawn towards artistic expression, looking for something beyond the mundane.

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