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Distinctive Linings

Giant IceCream Pop-Art

Giant IceCream Pop-Art

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Supplier code: L-001109

Prepare to captivate with this unique jacket lining inspired by the world of pop art. Mimicking the aspect of a giant ice cream cone, this lining exhibits a playful, yet sophisticated allure. An enticing blend of indian red and black dominate the design's canvas, making it ideal for those looking to inject a dash of excitement into their bespoke jackets.

Flecked with soft hints of pink that make the design pop, this lining is a harmonious blend of whimsy and elegance. Punctuated with unique splashes of saddle brown and plum, it enables the creation of a fashion piece that is truly individual and truly you.

internal sku: d3fcb6a7-6dac-4d20-8193-e6942fd6980a

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