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Distinctive Linings

Glacier Harmony Steelblue

Glacier Harmony Steelblue

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Supplier code: L-001438

Imbue your custom-made jacket with an air of sophistication and charm with this exquisite jacket lining, inspired by the abstract style of contemporary Danish art. This probably arresting and captivating design pairs harmoniously with hues of steel blue, light blue, and sky blue, warmed up with subtle streaks of dark slate gray that create an intriguing, dimensional contrast.

An invigoration of the visually timeless "glacier" motif, this lining mirrors the tranquility and intense depth of the icy landscapes, infusing calm and serene vibes in your custom-tailored jacket. The unique blend of distinct yet harmonizing colors reshapes classic jacket aesthetics into a more contrasting and statement-making piece of your wardrobe.

Whether you're creating a jacket to elevate your daily ensemble or stand out in a formal gathering, this jacket lining's distinctive 'in abstract style' design and balanced color palette will surely give your attire an exceptional edge and a level of sophistication that is exclusively yours.

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