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Glowing Garden Mystique

Glowing Garden Mystique

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Supplier code: L-001114

Experience an enchantment in every detail with this exclusive jacket lining, inspired by the whimsical Japanese anime style. With a rich canvas of black as its base, the lining design presents a magical garden with giant glowing mushrooms, a sight to behold and a fantasy to live. The tranquility of this design is elegantly highlighted using an artful blend of darkkhaki, seagreen, cadetblue, and darkcyan shades that bring to life the alluring world of Eastern animation. Every stroke reflects the depth of the imagination and every color echoes the charm of nature's late night show. This jacket lining is a true representation of daring style and unique aesthetics. Designed for the custom made-to-measure jacket, it's an infusion of exclusivity adorned with artistic charisma. Surrender to this surreal and dreamlike spectacle, all within the comfort of your custom jacket.

internal sku: 33deacf9-bf55-4d08-ba41-1565f4ef88fa

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