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Distinctive Linings

Glowing Garden Noir

Glowing Garden Noir

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Supplier code: L-001123

Immerse yourself in a dreamscape uniquely inspired by groundbreaking Japanese animation with this exclusive jacket lining. Create a statement with the shadows intricately painted in a deep black, which beautifully offset the earthy peru tones of fantastical giant mushrooms. The animation style garden teems with vibrant splashes of lightseagreen and seagreen hues, elevating the lifelike ambience of this mesmerizing piece. Notice the brilliant speckles of steel blue detailing adding an exquisite depth to the illustration, enhancing the richness of the lining's design. This customized piece plays homage to elements of dramatic flights of fancy, skillfully crafted for a truly personalized piece.

internal sku: 68bd41da-17c4-4dc8-b28d-d47b9e5044f2

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