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Distinctive Linings

Gold Serpent Noir

Gold Serpent Noir

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Supplier code: L-001512

Escape into the distinct realm of graphic novel inspired designs with this unique jacket lining. Deftly created in the style of seminal black and white comic book artistry, it possesses a dramatic flair unlike any other. A complex tableau of serpentine illustrations sets the scene, their inky blackness contrasting intensely against the vivid dark khaki backdrop. Hints of saddle brown subtly enrich the overall ensemble while soft accents of lightslate gray and slate gray add newfound depth and dimension. This lining, besides serving its functional purpose, is a testament to a cutting-edge fashion statement. Immaculately designed in a palette that's classic yet exciting, your custom-made and tailored jacket will not just be a piece of clothing, but a remarkable work of wearable art.

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