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Distinctive Linings

Gothic Flutter Noir

Gothic Flutter Noir

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Supplier code: L-001518

Embrace the unique energy of our specialty jacket lining, masterfully designed to push the boundaries of style. Meticulously crafted with an exclusive skulls and butterflies pattern, this unique design instantly radiates a distinct personality. The pattern is skillfully presented over a deep and luxurious black base, ensuring optimal color contrast. The delicate balance of pale violet, brown, cadet blue, and light slate grey throughout the intricate pattern enhances the visual appeal of this piece. The butterflies beautifully harmonize with the skulls motif, adding an element of unexpected whimsy to the design. This dark rose and burgundy theme design exudes a striking visual narrative, capturing the duality of life and the chic aesthetic of the unconventional. An absolute show-stopper within the world of made-to-measure jackets, this lining is sure to inspire a bold, custom look that dares to differ from the norm.

internal sku: b1d939b6-81f4-4d5b-bd0d-19ffaa5c4a65

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