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Grasslands Mosaic Luxe

Grasslands Mosaic Luxe

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Supplier code: L-001337

Immerse yourself in the richness of olivedrab, burlywood, lightslategray, and dual hues of darkolivegreen that coalesce into the enchanting pattern reminiscent of a game map style of design. This jacket lining encapsulates the grandeur of sprawling grasslands intersected by a serene river, painted in an array of captivating color spectrums. The playful interaction of these lush hues against a 100x100 tiled backdrop evokes a sense of adventure and spontaneity. This unique piece, crafted with meticulous detail, brought together for those who seek a bespoke sartorial experience. Each tile, each color, tells a story of your uniqueness, making your jacket not just a clothing item, but a conversation starter. Sophisticated yet bold, this exclusive jacket lining choice caters to your individual style and sets you apart from the common, allowing you to wear your inner gamer with elegance.

internal sku: 25b0f445-ff3f-4a5a-b3a8-1b34276abbf5

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