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Distinctive Linings

Hamburg Impressionist Skyscape

Hamburg Impressionist Skyscape

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Supplier code: L-001161

Immerse yourself with a lining loaded with character and exclusivity. Taking a cue from the timeless impressionism style, this lining is a playful visual journey that defies the ordinary. Opulent landscapes of sandy brown meet dramatic sweeps of dark slate gray, interspersed with intersecting waves of steel blue, creating a nuanced canvas that's sure to captivate. Peeks of sky blue and hints of sienna further enliven the arrangement, imbuing a sense of depth and dynamism. This lining, designed to reflect the unique style of each wearer, doesn't follow the crowd—it leads. Perfect for the custom-made jacket, the lining whispers the promise of uniqueness, impossible to ignore.

internal sku: 24135692-4995-41af-b811-19949ebc1b18

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