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Distinctive Linings

Herbaceous Objectivity Negativ

Herbaceous Objectivity Negativ

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Supplier code: L-001167

Transforming an ordinary jacket into an exclusive staple, our lining inspired by the New Objectivity movement invites a touch of unexpected charm hidden within the framework of your most favored essential. Paying homage to the elusive world of abstraction found amidst reality, the lining impressively manages to breathe new life into subtlety, basking in an enigmatic fusion of colors. The dominant presence of dark slate gray is softened, intriguingly, by the more muted, light gray. These shades dance harmoniously with the vivacious hues of dark sea green trending towards an olive drab undertone, working in unison to inject a dream-like eminence into each thread. The color scheme is washed over once more with another gentle sweep of dark sea green, giving depth and mystique to the ensemble. The repeat strokes of green, intertwined with the contrasting grays, manifest a unique and seductive design paying a nod to the charm of the unexpected realities.

internal sku: 6e51b381-279a-4e89-8e5a-54d4e8963b67

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