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Distinctive Linings

Hockey Whimsy Mannerism

Hockey Whimsy Mannerism

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Supplier code: L-001376

Immerse yourself in an abstract world with this exclusive jacket lining design that mirrors the intricate dynamism of an ice hockey game through its Mannerism-inspired style. Highlighting a stunning symphony of black, indianred, cornflowerblue, darkslategray, and steelblue, this piece provides an ensemble of whimsical characters that appear to swarm and interact, exuding an energetic, fluid motion.

These contrasting shades of blues from steelblue to cornflowerblue, lay a foundation that is beautifully invaded by surprising bursts of indianred, balancing a cool undertone with sudden warmth. The diverse colors interact in almost surreal harmonies, each one stunningly highlighted by the masterful use of

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