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Distinctive Linings

Intricate Midnight Maze

Intricate Midnight Maze

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Supplier code: L-001305

Immerse yourself in a uniquely handcrafted lining featuring a captivating design inspired by the expressive style generally seen in Charles Movalli's work. This intricate labyrinth-like pattern is a feast for your eyes, radiating in an array of distinct hues.

A muted backdrop of Gainsboro allows for the labyrinth pattern to take centre stage - its interlocking depths are brought to life through an intense use of Midnight Blue. This strong foundation is tinged with the subtle-masculine accents of Steel Blue, repeated in varying gradients to add an alluring complexity to the overall design.

Breathing life into the intricate maze is the gentle touch of Cornflower Blue, delicately woven in-between the darker hues. This soft illuminating shade serves as the perfect contrast, enhancing the depth of the design and the richness of darker hues.

This bespoke jacket lining will not only add a visual intrigue to your made-to-measure jacket, but also bring forth your exquisite taste in fashion. It truly is more than just a lining - it's an expression of personal style.

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