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Jazz Age Vibrancy

Jazz Age Vibrancy

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Supplier code: L-001096

Step into the style of Jazz Age realism with this unique jacket lining. Radiating royal blue and brilliant gold to make a dazzling impression, this lining marries the elegant contrasts of the time with modern aesthetics.

The deep black tone of the lining provides an aura of sophistication, effortlessly leading to the warm tan hues that uplift the entire design. Wisps of dimgray adorning the edges contrast with more structured cadetblue patterns, contributing to its compelling visual rhythm. Finally, the steelblue color dances across this masterpiece, the harmony of this hue with other colors offering an undeniably vibrant finish.

This exclusive jacket lining is the perfect embodiment of the timelessness and intricacy of Jazz Age design, a stunning choice for your custom, made-to-measure jacket.

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