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Distinctive Linings

Kandinsky Canine Symphony

Kandinsky Canine Symphony

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Supplier code: L-001522

Express your unique style with this exclusive jacket lining. Boasting an eye-catching design, it's imbued with the vibrant energy of abstract artwork reflecting the influence of the influential painter who championed the geometric approach.

The intriguing depiction of dogs comes alive in a mix of invigorating stadium cherry red contrasted against stark black, muted light gray, earthy brown, and shimmering silver. The clever interplay of colors blends to create a visually captivating lining that's anything but ordinary.

Adding this lining to your custom, handcrafted jacket is sure to make a dramatic fashion statement like no other. Powerful yet sophisticated, this lining adds a subtle edge to your bespoke jacket, taking it from basic to breathtaking. Make every wardrobe choice a work of art with this visually stunning jacket lining.

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