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Distinctive Linings

Killer Carle Contrasts

Killer Carle Contrasts

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001460

Indulge in the world of modernistic art with our exclusive jacket lining. This beguiling design, inspired by the style of visually stimulating children's book illustrations, takes you on a whimsical trip to a realm belonging purely to the imagination. The unusual vibrance of a mirthful carnival parade of killer clowns is captured meticulously in every detail, invoking associations with laughter, festivity, and intrigue.

The color scheme is expertly picked to enhance the visual pleasure of the lining. The understated majesty of darkslategray serves as the backdrop, elegantly punctuated by specks of wheat, instantly catching the eye. A hint of firebrick adds a touch of warmth, perfectly offset by the richer tones of Peru. Finally, a splash of darkseagreen brings a refreshing tinge to the ensemble, making the pattern almost leap off the fabric.

This one-of-a-kind jacket lining is meant to cater to the distinctive and the unconventional. Embellish your custom, made-to-measure jacket with it, and make an individualistic style statement. Please note, every jacket lining is unique, much like our clients. Picked this design? Rest assured, you’re wearing a work of art.

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