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Distinctive Linings

Kinetic Cartoon Spectrum

Kinetic Cartoon Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001064

Explore the spontaneous movement of energy through this distinctive jacket lining design. It exhibits an expressive Cartoon-style artwork flowing in an igniting rhythm. A palette stirring with shades of black, intensified with dashes of bright deepskyblue and soothing undertones of lightsteelblue and dodgerblue, converging into a captivating pattern. Some essential notes of dimgray are also present in this design, creating a perfect harmony between all the colors. Every thread, every stroke, and every hue tells a unique story, making it an exclusive choice for your custom, made-to-measure jacket lining.

internal sku: b8ea216d-9f30-4dbc-b3de-e3b0cdc0e400

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