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Distinctive Linings

Klee Wilderness Tribute

Klee Wilderness Tribute

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Supplier code: L-001174

Step into the visionary dimension with this exclusive jacket lining. Its design, inspired by the abstract and symbolic style of the early 20th century, mirrors an enigmatic landscape. The motif, a captivating dance of lions and birds, adds a sense of mystery, making it perfect for those with a flair for distinctive wear.

Tales of the jungle are elegantly illustrated in chocolate and black, effectively highlighting the noble strength of lions. The subtlety of saddlebrown in the print is balanced by hints of seagreen and dark slate blue, a surprising palette that exudes uniqueness.

This lining is not for the faint-hearted; it's for the bold and daring, who are unafraid to challenge the convention. By selecting this lining, you make your jacket a unique piece, tailored to your individual sense of style, contributing a whisper of mystique in every stride you flaunt in your custom-made jacket.

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