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Distinctive Linings

Love in New Objectivity

Love in New Objectivity

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Embrace the essence of high-class sophistication with this exclusive jacket lining. Our custom tailored lining illuminates the exemplary mastery of the New Objectivity style, a nod to the detailed, provocative, and realistic perspectives that relate to the style of Christian Schad. The design is rich colligation of tan, black, saddlebrown, contrasted perfectly with shades of sienna and enhanced by an undercurrent of gainsboro. This signature piece easily transitions between shapes and tones offering an intriguing and eye-catching fusion of earthy colors. The striking interplay of tan against black, saddlebrown, and sienna effortlessly captures the attention and holds the gaze, while the splash of gainsboro brings a sense of quiet calm amidst the captivating chaos. Challenging the conventional and celebrating the unique, this jacket lining is a vivid commentary of individualistic fashion providing you the chance to make a bold statement with every wear. Experience an avant-garde revolution in your wardrobe with this unique lining, a distinctive piece that marries

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