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Distinctive Linings

Lush Rainforest Renaissance

Lush Rainforest Renaissance

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Supplier code: L-001032

Rediscover style with a lining meant to bring your custom jacket to life. This piece draws inspiration from the flourishing design era of the Harlem Renaissance, create an enchanting atmosphere reminiscent of lush rainforests. Its unique visual appeal comes from a harmonious blend of five enchanting colors. The depth of midnight blue teases your senses, making the backdrop for the subtle allure of rosybrown. The striking contrasts are further enhanced by the vibrant dark slate blue, all while maintaining a calming balance with light slate gray. To finalize this captivating palette, assume a hint of slate blue, bringing a final soothing touch. Every shade plays its part in this symphony of colors, making this lining the perfect element to boost the luxury and exclusivity of your made-to-measure jacket.

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