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Maroon Objectivity Harmony

Maroon Objectivity Harmony

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Supplier code: L-001168

Experience the vision of New Objectivity in this unique jacket lining. The lineup of hues ranging from rosybrown to brown creates an earthy palette, while pops of lightpink add a playful touch. Set against a striking black background, the unique imagery brings a twist of individuality to your custom-made jacket. Swirls of gainsboro suffuse across the lining, lending an ethereal sensation to this exclusive piece. Evoke the masterful blend of modern form and vintage aesthetic inspired by the New Objectivity movement in every wearing of your tailored jacket. This lining isn't just a detail but a statement in itself - an artwork to be worn, defying conventions and exuding nonconformity.

internal sku: 1acb8b36-4d30-422c-b5c7-466d86b5032f

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