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Microbial Abstract Spectrum

Microbial Abstract Spectrum

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Supplier code: L-001102

Dive into a world where science meets art with our latest jacket lining. Seamlessly blending the artistry of the pop art style with elements of the microscopic world, this powder blue lining is set to make a statement like no other. The lining features a truly unique palette: the deep, quiet elegance of dark slate gray is intrinsically woven with the soothing, calm hues of medium aquamarine. Ripples of steel blue spread across the design, contrived to give the lining depth and dynamism. The highlight of this design is the captivating abstraction of bacteria forms, brought to life in surprising splashes of dark salmon. The intricate play of colours and patterns make this lining a versatility goldmine – pairing beautifully with almost any jacket fabric and style. Get ready to be the focus in any room with this bold, artistic lining as part of your custom, made-to-measure jacket. Savour the privilege of carrying an exclusive design blending the grandeur of art with the simplicity of microbial

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