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Distinctive Linings

Microbial Pop Artistry

Microbial Pop Artistry

What is MTMFabrics?

Supplier code: L-001101

Awash in an enchanting mix of firebrick, bisque, coral, dark salmon, and gray hues, the lining echoes the essence of innovative pop art. The coating exemplifies a unique fusion of organic shapes and patterns inspired by microorganisms fostering a distinct visual energy. This bold and unpredictable design combines a blend of warm tones and cool pastels, evoking a sense of beautiful chaos — just like the dynamic world of bacteria. Encapsulating contrasts and vibrant colors, this lining serves as a striking fashion statement to elevate any ensemble. Perfect for those who enjoy a dash of eccentricity in their custom-made jackets, this lining offers a slice of individuality packed with an irresistible pop-art charm.

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