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Distinctive Linings

Microscopic Fractal Flootin

Microscopic Fractal Flootin

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Supplier code: L-001089

Delve into the unexpected beauty of our microscopic art inspired jacket lining, a journey into the fractal beauty of neuron-like patterns. A harmonious combination of colors, embracing black, dark salmon, dark olive green, cadet blue, and steel blue, engenders a stunningly distinctive statement. Set to complement your made-to-measure jacket, this expressive design will surely enhance your distinctive flair, imprinting a strikingly personal touch.
Infused with the essence of intricate fractals and floating patterns, this extraordinary piece is not just a lining, but an immersion into the visually engaging microscopic world. Don't just wear your jacket, live an extraordinary experience.

internal sku: b3fd5b0f-dff2-42b1-b07f-a14d3bcf8803

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