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Midnight Hero Mirage

Midnight Hero Mirage

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Supplier code: L-001138

This jacket lining exudes an air of Pop Art mastery, drawing inspiration from the iconic comic-book style look. A medley of vibrant hues - midnight blue, khaki, dodger blue, royal blue and a hint of sienna - weave together an artful narrative. This custom and made-to-measure lining provides a vibrant backdrop to any jacket, adding a sophisticated yet playful touch to your unique style. Its color scheme suits everything from formal to casual styles, providing a spirited accent that is sure to impress. Embrace the boldness of a super-heroic comic style, all while maintaining a fashionable aesthetic. This is a lining that does not shy away from being the centerpiece of your fashion statement.

internal sku: a055afb7-1f1f-43e6-be2e-8dc1f9a73071

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