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Monet's Paisley Butterfly

Monet's Paisley Butterfly

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Supplier code: L-001523

Immerse in the aesthetic allure of this extraordinary jacket lining. Crafted meticulously, the design intricately merges the visual elements of paisley patterns and butterflies with a touch of impressionist artistry. Unabashedly colorful, the palette jumps from the romantic flush of Indian Red, reintroducing itself through the dramatic hues of Black, and soothing earthy tones of Brown. This liquid cascade of color flows effortlessly into cool undertones of Cadet Blue, and finally concludes with the sublime caress of Steel Blue. Ideal for those with a penchant for custom and made-to-measure pieces, this compelling design brilliantly showcases an intricate dance between captivating visuals and striking hues. This visually stunning lining will elevate any attire to a work of art while complementing the individual style of each wearer.

Stand out in the crowd, wrapped in this lavish color palette.

internal sku: 5e836d7d-3c44-40d0-a1cf-0dcac9276520

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