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Neo-Dada Dreamcatcher Gold

Neo-Dada Dreamcatcher Gold

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Supplier code: L-001020

Step into the world of fashionable craftsmanship with this Neo-Dada styled jacket lining. Utilizing a palette of warm and neutral tones, it brings to life the antique white dreamcatchers, contrasted against a rich burlywood backdrop. In this imagery, one can sense delicate traces of peru and sienna - carefully placed, creating a unique 3D effect that captivates the onlooker.
The harmonious interplay of colors strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and aesthetic pleasure. With its signature clean lines, it transcends conventional expectations for a product of its kind.
Designed to be used in a made-to-measure and custom jacket, this lining is not just a mere adornment, but an expression of elegance and refined taste.

internal sku: 3d25a671-b3ff-4c53-8241-6e337a58dcfe

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