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Distinctive Linings

Neo-Dada Herb Twist

Neo-Dada Herb Twist

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Immerse yourself in the modern yet unconventional vibe brought forth by the Neo-Dada inspired jacket lining. Boasting an audacious pattern with elements of marijuana imagery, its color palette is nothing short of stellar, morphing the unconventional into the avant-garde. A thoughtful orchestration of sandy brown, black, firebrick, sienna, and pale goldenrod hues lend this lining an aura of cool, urban nonchalance. Shades of black and sandy brown infuse a grounded, rustic warmth which is masterfully offset with the dynamic firebrick and sienna tones, while the gentle kiss of pale goldenrod brings an unexpected softness to this most exclusive design. Sure to inspire a sense of individualism and standing out from the crowd, this vibrant lining serves as the perfect canvas for your custom-made jacket, a truly unique piece that reflects a genuinely extraordinary style.

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