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Distinctive Linings

Neo-Dada Midnight Ensemble

Neo-Dada Midnight Ensemble

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Supplier code: L-001027

Embrace an unparalleled blend of style and uniqueness with this custom jacket lining, aesthetically infused with echoes of the Neo-Dada movement and celestial cartography. The breathtaking dominance of midnight blue sets the stage for an alluring play of colors. Intriguing hues of teal and medium turquoise give this design a dash of playful brightness, interspersed with smoky steel blue detailing.

An unexpected, earthy hint of tan brings a grounded balance to the overall design, mimicking the awe-inspiring views of the cosmos on a clear, silent night. This lining manages to perfectly marry an intricate artistry with the sophistication of dark and cooling tones. The mesmerizing design invokes a sense of wonder, taking the wearer on an adventure every time they wear their custom-tailored jacket. This exclusive jacket lining is sure to transform any piece into a statement of personal style.

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