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Distinctive Linings

Neo-Dada Space Odyssey

Neo-Dada Space Odyssey

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Supplier code: L-001026

Unleash your personality with our jacket lining that echoes the visionary aesthetics of Neo-Dadaism. Painted with an artistic blend of strong black tones infused with rosy brown hues, it reveals a cosmic allure that navigates your style into the space area.

This lining uncovers an eccentric display of dark slate blue shades complemented with delightful slate-blue and medium-purple highlights, narrating the fragments of undiscovered, mystical frontiers. Like a surreal masterpiece hidden under your jacket, it conveys a tribute to the abstract and avant-garde.

Experience a couture dimension, delve into this cosmic multitude of rich, dark hues and warm undertones. Our jacket lining is not just an add-on, but a statement piece, a private expression of style that reflects aspiration for detail, depth, and individualism.

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