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Neo-Romantic Solar Lunar

Neo-Romantic Solar Lunar

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Supplier code: L-001115

Step into the next level of sophistication with this jacket lining, inspired by elements of neo-romanticism. Capturing the mysticism of celestial bodies, it features an enchanting design that embodies the drama of solar and lunar interplays.

The color palette is both bold and elegant, starting from the inky canvas of black that mirrors the endless night sky. Strokes of burlywood are masterfully woven into the design, adding a touch of earthiness. Subtle hints of gray appear in strategic places, casting shadow and adding depth while dashes of sienna add much-needed warmth, richness and a nod to the rose gold hue so often linked with luxury.

Every element in this lining captures something special, something exclusive. With this lining, your custom-made jacket will make a captivating statement. Unleash your suave persona with this artistic brilliance, demonstrating a perfect harmony between the sophistication of custom-fit jackets and an evocative neo-romantic design.

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