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Distinctive Linings

Neuronic Microbe Mosaic

Neuronic Microbe Mosaic

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Supplier code: L-001094

Discover a lining design that transcends your average fashion norms. This exclusive lining embraces the intricate beauty of microscopic neuron fractals, creating a captivating alliance with surrealistic art forms. The predominant black backdrop sets the stage for a unique dramatic intrigue.

The second dominating hue, rosybrown, infuses a fascinating warm tone, ensuring a discreet playfulness beneath your custom-made jacket. The understated darkolivegreen threads its ethereal presence in a delightful collaboration with shades of black. These colors ingeniously hint at the inherent elegance of the surreal world.

This captivating fusion extends further, incorporating elements of serene cadetblue, creating a captivating visual depth that draws focus to the elaborate fractal patterns. Lastly, the alluring touch of steelblue amplifies the overall aesthetic, providing a cool and sophisticated edge. An unmatched lining that resonates with dramatic, surreal appeal while radiating a visual allure.

internal sku: 80ff3d64-a76c-4c46-9513-21e8d9affe0e

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