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Nostalgic Arabian Nights

Nostalgic Arabian Nights

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Supplier code: L-001448

Experience the enchanting visual narrative of this exquisitely designed jacket lining. Drawing aesthetic inspiration from Islamic Art, this lining borrows the intrinsic geometrical compositions and intricate detailing, typically associated with the exceptional craft.

The main color palette pivots around a seductive blend of rosybrown and striking black, with hints of earthy saddlebrown, creating an entrancing sophistication. This elegant fusion of colors identifies with the unique aesthetic ethos ingrained in its design.

Dip your style into the splendor of steelblue color accents that are strategically placed in the pattern, offering a captivating depth to the jacket environment, and allowing the wearer an intimate exploration of its soulful detailing.

The label 'nostalgia' ingeniously woven into the design references a yearning for the past, reflecting an endearing intertwining of old-world charm and contemporary style, setting the tone for a timeless sartorial experience. The subtle rose gold accents in the pattern create a warm, intimate glow that completes the visual story of this exclusive jacket lining.

internal sku: f321a19f-91fd-4344-b91f-a19926557b41

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