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Nostalgic Cubism Blend

Nostalgic Cubism Blend

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Supplier code: L-001016

Experience the rush of nostalgia with this lavish jacket lining that speaks volumes of artistic expression. Fusing together the dynamic cubist style, the design echoes a landscape of past memories that sparks a longing for the old days. The palette features a rich interplay of colors, marrying the subtle tones of wheat coupled with the classy coolness of darkslategray.

Layers of firebrick and peru interweave beautifully, further increasing the design's visual depth, while strokes of indianred add a charming warmth, creating an overall visually appealing aesthetic. This exclusive lining, a unique blend of design and color, adds a bespoke element to your custom made jacket while exhibiting a remarkable sense of style and artistic taste.

internal sku: 616603af-cef0-463f-ad9f-fe97f3af3cb1

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