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Octopod Purism Majesty

Octopod Purism Majesty

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Supplier code: L-001380

Unleash an air of mystery with this exclusive jacket lining. The design whispers of a surrealistic atmosphere influenced by the entrancing depth of the deep ocean. The monochrome display of intricate octopus imagery blends seamlessly with an overall palette comprising darkslategray, rosybrown, dimgray, lightslategray, and darkgray. This adds an enigmatic flavour to the overall composition. Understated and hypnotically complex, the lining contrasts profoundly with splashes of deep purpleand strokes of radiant gold, accentuating the surreal charm of the design. Let your custom-made jacket be the canvas to this remarkable piece of art, truly individualistic and phenomenally distinctive.

internal sku: 27d68f2e-e346-4ed8-8b91-681e8dfaecab

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